Sunday, 25 September 2011

Some Beauty Tips Are Plain Stupid

I come across quite a few beauty tips that make me really wonder if the writer has actually tried out what she is proposing. (And if she has whether she is two pennies short of a shilling).

Now I know magazines have to be filled up with new features every month but really that's no excuse for telling readers to do something that is just plain silly.

Here are a few I came across this week :-
  • rinse brunette hair with brewed coffee after leaving it to cool. (Can you think of anything worse than pouring cold coffee over your head and do you really want to smell like a mobile version of Starbucks?)
  • wear lipstick in place of blusher if you run out (I mean, really, have you tried that? Did it work for you????)
  • mix 150g of dried milk powder with 85g of cocoa powder and add to your bath water (I though a bath was supposed to get you clean. I know it will be diluted a lot but still - chocolate in the bath????)
Then there are all the latest trends from the catwalks (it being London and Milan Fashion weeks lately). Please don't tell us that is what we should be wearing because even the models with their beautiful faces don't look good in half of them (like orange eyeshadow this year seen at a few shows!)

I still enjoy reading all the tips though. It's just that I shake my head at times LOL



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